Why should I take this module?

Welcome to Basic Device Configuration!

Welcome to the first module in CCNA Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials! You know that switches and routers come with some built-in configuration, so why would you need to learn to further configure switches and routers?

Imagine that you purchased a model train set. After you had set it up, you realized that the track was just a simple oval shape and that the train cars only ran clockwise. You might want the track to be a figure eight shape with an overpass. You might want to have two trains that operate independently of each other and are able to move in different directions. How could you make that happen? You would need to reconfigure the track and the controls. It is the same with network devices. As a network administrator you need detailed control of the devices in your network. This means precisely configuring switches and routers so that your network does what you want it to do. This module has many Syntax Checker and Packet Tracer activities to help you develop these skills. Let’s get started!

What will I learn to do in this module?

Module Title: Basic Device Configuration

Module Objective: Configure devices using security best practices.

Table caption
Topic Title Topic Objective
Configure a Switch with Initial Settings Configure initial settings on a Cisco switch.
Configure Switch Ports Configure switch ports to meet network requirements.
Secure Remote Access Configure secure management access on a switch.
Basic Router Configuration Configure basic settings on a router to route between two directly-connected networks, using CLI.
Verify Directly Connected Networks Verify connectivity between two networks that are directly connected to a router.


Configure a Switch with Initial Settings



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