Configure a Cisco IOS DHCPv4 Server

Cisco IOS DHCPv4 Server

Now you have a basic understanding of how DHCPv4 works and how it can make your job a bit easier. If you do not have a separate DHCPv4 server, this topic will show you how to configure a Cisco IOS router to act as one. A Cisco router running Cisco IOS software can be configured to act as a DHCPv4 server. The Cisco IOS DHCPv4 server assigns and manages IPv4 addresses from specified address pools within the router to DHCPv4 clients.

The network topology shows a router, functioning as a DHCPv4 server, connecting two LANs together. On the left is network consisting of host PC1 connected to switch S1 connected to router R1 at G0/0/0 with an address of .1. On the right is network consisting of host PC2 and a DNS server at address connected to switch S2 which is connected to R1 at G0/0/1 with an address of .1.


Configure a DHCPv4 Client