Why should I take this module?

Welcome to Inter-VLAN Routing!

Now you know how to segment and organize your network into VLANs. Hosts can communicate with other hosts in the same VLAN, and you no longer have hosts sending out broadcast messages to every other device in your network, eating up needed bandwidth. But what if a host in one VLAN needs to communicate with a host in a different VLAN? If you are a network administrator, you know that people will want to communicate with other people outside of your network. This is where inter-VLAN routing can help you. Inter-VLAN routing uses a Layer 3 device such as a router or a Layer 3 switch. Let’s take your VLAN expertise and combine it with your network layer skills and put them to the test!


What will I learn to do in this module?

Module Title: Inter-VLAN Routing

Module Objective: Troubleshoot inter-VLAN routing on Layer 3 devices.

Table caption
Topic Title Topic Objective
Inter-VLAN Routing Operation Describe options for configuring inter-VLAN routing.
Router-on-a-Stick Inter-VLAN Routing Configure router-on-a-stick inter-VLAN routing.
Inter-VLAN Routing using Layer 3 Switches Configure inter-VLAN routing using Layer 3 switching.
Troubleshoot Inter-VLAN Routing Troubleshoot common inter-VLAN configuration issues.