OSPF Network Types

Another type of network that uses OSPF is the multiaccess OSPF network. Multiaccess OSPF networks are unique in that one router controls the distribution of LSAs. The router that is elected for this role should be determined by the network administrator through proper configuration.

OSPF may include additional processes depending on the type of network. The previous topology used point-to-point links between the routers. However, routers can be connected to the same switch to form a multiaccess network, as shown in the figure. Ethernet LANs are the most common example of broadcast multiaccess networks. In broadcast networks, all devices on the network see all broadcast and multicast frames.

OSPF multiaccess network consisting of four routers connected to a switch in the center; arrows representing broadcasts are forwarded by each router to the switch; one router has a point-to-point connection to another router in the Internet cloud

OSPF Multiaccess Network