Why should I take this module?

Welcome to Networking Today!

Congratulations! This module starts you on your path to a successful career in Information Technology by giving you a foundational understanding of the creation, operation, and maintenance of networks. As a bonus, you get to dive into networking simulations using Packet Tracer. We promise you will really enjoy it!


What will I learn to do in this module?

Module Title: Networking Today

Module Objective: Explain the advances in modern network technologies.

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Topic TitleTopic Objective
Networks Affect our LivesExplain how networks affect our daily lives.
Network ComponentsExplain how host and network devices are used.
Network Representations and TopologiesExplain network representations and how they are used in network topologies.
Common Types of NetworksCompare the characteristics of common types of networks.
Internet ConnectionsExplain how LANs and WANs interconnect to the internet.
Reliable NetworksDescribe the four basic requirements of a reliable network.
Network TrendsExplain how trends such as BYOD, online collaboration, video, and cloud computing are changing the way we interact.
Network SecurityIdentify some basic security threats and solution for all networks.
The IT ProfessionalExplain employment opportunities in the networking field.