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Welcome to WLAN Configuration!

Some of us remember getting on the internet using dial up. Dial up involved using your landline phone. Your landline phone was unavailable to make or receive calls while you were on the internet. Your dial up connection to the internet was very slow. It basically meant that, for most people, your computer was always in one place in your home or school.

Then we were able to connect to the internet without using our landlines. But our computers were still hardwired to the devices that connected them to the internet. Today we can connect to the internet using wireless devices that lets us take our phones, laptops, and tablets almost anywhere. It’s nice to have this freedom of movement, but it requires special end and intermediary devices and a good understanding of wireless protocols. Want to know more? Then this is the module for you!

What will I learn to do in this module?

Module Title: WLAN Configuration

Module Objective: Implement a WLAN using a wireless router and WLC.

Table caption
Topic Title Topic Objective
Remote Site WLAN Configuration Configure a WLAN to support a remote site.
Configure a Basic WLAN on the WLC Configure a WLC WLAN to use the management interface and WPA2 PSK authentication.
Configure a WPA2 Enterprise WLAN on the WLC Configure a WLC WLAN to use a VLAN interface, a DHCP server, and WPA2 Enterprise authentication.
Troubleshoot WLAN Issues Troubleshoot common wireless configuration issues.

Remote Site WLAN Configuration


Remote Site WLAN Configuration